Fifth Crisis Mods

10 November
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This is the mod journal for fifthcrisis, a FFVII based roleplay on livejournal. Fifthcrisis is a fan-made roleplay made for entertainment, and not any legitimate continuation of the Squaresoft / Square-Enix title "Final Fantasy VII" or any " compilation of Final Fantasy VII" title. None of the characters or locations within this roleplay belong to us, and we claim no ownership over them.


If any problems or queries relating to the roleplay are raised, the moderators may be directly contacted using the information listed below.

Maddy / AIM: xtheleadingmanx

(email: fifthcrisismods { at } gmail { dot } com.)

We're here to make sure you enjoy the game. If any confusion springs to mind, old and new players, even those thinking of applying are more than welcome to contact us.

applications ; friend add / remove commands ; drops and hiatus notices.
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